Optimize youtube videos and create ads campaign

Optimize youtube videos and create ads campaign


YouTube Video Optimization with Uploading (3 videos) + Competitors Analysis!



Aou are looking for YouTube ads expert which can help increase views, likes & raise up your followers base?

I am freelancer with huge experience, & I helped a lot of YouTube bloggers & businesses drastically increase their subscribers. My advanced targeting options with technical knowledge can deliver your message to exact demographic you’re looking to reach.

My service include 2 packages:

1) Video Optimization with Uploading:

– Competitors Analysis

– Keyword Research (up to 25 keys)

– Write a headline that speaks to the target audience (up to 100 characters)

– Write a unique & highly optimized video description (up to 5000 characters)

– Create thumbnail for your video

– Upload video to your channel

2) Video Optimization + Setup & Launch Ads campaign:

– Identify your target audience

– Keyword Research (up to 25 keys)

– Writing Adverts (up to 2 ads)

– Install Campaign & Testing

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